NBG Eaglets, Thursday May 12

11:12 a.m.

Yesterday evening, several eaglet watchers noticed that NV, #11-0476, was limping. This was brought to our attention, and WCV staff tuned in to observe -- by then, the eaglets had settled down for the evening. Cam watchers were on alert all night and into this morning but so far , it doesn't appear that NV is limping anymore. He had a very active day yesterday -- and so did his sisters!

It can be tough to tell what happened, though we're hoping that the issue has resolved -- perhaps he was stepped on by one of his siblings, or overdid it with flapping and perching. We'll keep checking on him.

The additional drama of the morning was the visitor that walked by the eaglets enclosure -- a young black bear!  Some early-risers were treated to the sight and one managed to catch a screen capture as the bear was ambling by. This was certainly a treat to see -- but no cause for concern. The Wildlife Center is partially in the George Washington & Jefferson National Forests and there are definitely bears here!  It makes us wonder how often this really does happen without our knowledge.

Both of these events emphasize how different life is with a webcam -- without a cam to catch the limping, or the bear visitor, none of us would've been the wiser!