NBG Eaglets, Thursday June 9

On June 8, the eagle cam was turned so that viewers could catch all the action happening at the far end of the flight pen. Since the staff have to turn the cam manually, this won't be going back and forth each day -- but we figured that this is where the action will be happening, including longer flights and playing in the water tub.  

Because the far end of the enclosure isn't lit, and the eaglets will likely return to the nest at night, the webcam will be offline from dusk to dawn to conserve bandwidth and costs for WVEC.

NX and NV certainly seem to be enjoying their new area -- both have been seen flying the full length of the enclosure and are doing very well. Because they have been gradually eating less during the day, the rehabilitation staff have opted to make one final transition with the feeding schedule -- the eaglets will now be fed just once a day. This feeding will occur in the late afternoon, at the time when all other raptor feeding is done at the WCV. Staff will drop off a variety of rats, fish, and quail and will likely scatter the food on the ground in a few different places.

NZ continues to rest comfortably while her leg heals -- she's been seen standing more often during the past couple of days. Hopefully all will be well during her radiograph session on Monday June 13, and she will be able to join her siblings.