NBG Eaglets, Monday May 9

9:15 a.m.

Those tuning in to the webcam this morning probably saw some vigorous tearing of the breakfast food -- the eaglets were served cut-open, whole rats this morning!   Fish meals in the past day have also been in much larger pieces. The eaglets seem to be taking well to this next step of tearing up the food on their own. The plates that everyone has been getting used to seeing may be used less in the days to come if the eaglets leave less of a mess to clean up. Bald Eagle #11-0165 was moved into the other half of the flight pen enclosure on Saturday, May 7. We suspect that this eagle is is a male based on his size. He seems to be settling in well. The eagle has limited flight due to the wing injury that makes him non-releasable, so the rehabilitation staff have provided a variety of low perches for this bird.