NBG Eaglets, Monday May 23

Apparently, someone decided to kick off this week with a bit of adventure -- shortly after 6:00 a.m. this morning, NV tumbled out of the nest and fluttered to the ground. In reality, this did look more like an accident than a decision to go and explore. After he spent a little more than an hour of hanging out on the ground, Dr. Miranda retrieved him and put him back in the nest. Because NV hasn't branched yet or ventured out of the nest at all [other than sitting on the edges] the staff felt that he would likely not figure out how to get back up to the nest on his own.

In other news, renovations on the eaglets' future flight pen will begin within the next week.  Because there was some storm damage this season to the netting on the two largest flight pens, the WCV staff have opted to make some modifications -- to keep everyone as safe as possible!  Boards will be erected on the walls of the flight pen -- these boards will replace the netting and is quite similiar in design to all the other flight pens at the Center.  We expect that lumber will arrive later this week -- and construction by our friends at Kjellstrom & Lee will begin next week. Weekly weigh-in is on track for tomorrow [May 24] at about 12:30 p.m.!