NBG Eaglets, Monday June 6

The Kjellstrom & Lee work crew finished up the flight pen renovation on Saturday evening -- special thanks to them giving up their Saturdays to get the job done!

With construction finished, a number of perches were set up for the eaglets as they start to make short flights out of their nest area. A couple of other final modifications are  underway this Monday afternoon, including a final sweep of the area with a large magnet to make sure all stray nails are picked up after the renovation. Netting will also be hung at the far end of the flight pen -- something that the WCV does for all eagle patients in these larger enclosures. The netting helps slow down any fast-flying eagles if they over-shoot their perch at the end of the enclosure.

In other news, the veterinary team took another set of radiographs on NZ's leg today. At this point, the site of injury is unchanged -- meaning that a callous has not formed yet over the small chip fracture. According to Dr. Miranda, a fibrous callous may be forming -- but this wouldn't be seen on the radiographs. What all this means is that NZ will need to continue her cage rest. Additional radiographs are scheduled for Monday June 13.

As long as all final flight pen preparations are finished today, NX and NV will be returned to their nest -- and the newly renovated 100' flight pen -- on Tuesday. Please stay tuned for more details.

4:32 p.m.

Just a quick tease from the webcam -- things are coming together!  Just a couple more final preparations to make for tomorrow's reintroduction.