NBG Eaglets, Monday June 20

Happy American Bald Eagle Day!

While the Norfolk eaglets aren't doing anything out of the ordinary to celebrate the day, it will be a busy "eagle" week at the WCV this week.

On Tuesday, the four eaglets will be caught for their weekly weigh-in. The Norfolk trio will also have some blood drawn for their monthly complete blood count and NV will have another in-house lead test just to monitor his levels.

The big change will be to A-2 -- the other "arm" of the A-pen flight complex. Bald Eagle #11-1170, the young eagle from Maryland, has been doing quite well this past week and is ready for a larger enclosure. To ensure things aren't too chaotic -- and to make sure there is enough food for all -- the Maryland bird will be moved into A-2.  Bald Eagle #11-1234, KS, will say good-bye to the Norfolk eaglets and will join the Maryland eaglet.

Dr. Dave and the rehabilitation crew are making the needed modifications to the flight pens for this transition. The temporary wall that was erected when the Norfolk birds first arrived will be taken down. The sliding door that allows the A-pen complex to be one, continuous, L-shaped pen will be closed. Netting will be hung at each of the flight pens to help protect the birds against those "crash landings" that sometimes happen.

Work continues on the "double door" system leading into both of the A-pens -- this is something that will make things safer for these eaglets as well as all future patients housed in this area!

And ... caught in action!  A glimpse of the "mystery plant" that keeps appearing on- and off- cam ...