NBG Eaglets, Monday June 13

Bald Eagle #11-0474, NZ, was brought into the WCV clinic today for a set of follow-up radiographs. The news:  there is a callous!  Dr. Miranda could feel the well-formed callous on NZ's injured leg, and radiographs confirmed that a nice, bony callous has formed over the chip fracture.

NZ was returned to her large airline crate for the day so that she can fully recover from anesthesia. While NZ still has some healing to do, she is strong enough to be placed back in the flight pen with her siblings. The vet staff will do this tomorrow afternoon at the weekly weigh-in for NX and NV.

On another note, here's an early warning:  the Wildlife Center is getting ready for a major internet upgrade on Wednesday -- so the WCV network (including cam) will be down in the wee hours of the morning on June 15. The switch will be made at 4:30 a.m. and things may be down for a couple of hours. Everyone can sleep in!