NBG Eaglets, Friday May 27

Today has been an exciting day for the eaglets. Exactly one month after arriving at the Wildlife Center from the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, one of the eaglets made their first flight!

One eaglet started off the morning by moving farther away from the nest on one of the branches:

By mid-morning, Eaglet #11-0476, NV, made his first flight to the step-branches on the other side of the enclosure. Viewers tuning in after that moment were surprised to just see two eaglets in the nest -- remember, the temporary cam that was erected a few weeks ago can't pan to capture the actions that are occurring to the right!

NV continued to make this flight back and forth to the nest several more times throughout the day. Sister NZ hopped along the branch -- but even she wasn't as flighted as her younger brother.

While there's a lot of debate as to what is truly "branching" or "fledging" in a rehabilitation setting, we feel comfortable saying that the fledgling stage has started!