Junior Moves!

The Wildlife Center of Virginia introduced the first eagle to the new eagle flight enclosure on Tuesday, December 6. Junior the Golden Eagle, our oldest animal and a venerable member of our education team, was moved to the new enclosure due to the latest ongoing construction project at the Center. The construction crew from Kjellstrom & Lee needed to enter Junior’s home as part of their efforts.  With both A-pens currently occupied, it seemed like a good time to let Junior test out the new enclosure!  In the past, Junior has occasionally been moved to one of the larger flight pens [A1 or A2], so the transition to a newer, larger enclosure was not completely new to him.  On the morning of December 6, Dr. Dave McRuer collected Junior and transported him up the hill to the new pen. Once there, it did not take Junior long to explore his new habitat, as you can see in this video! Dr. Dave expects Junior to be returned to his enclosure shortly—after the Kjellstrom & Lee team finish their work near his regular home.  Until then Junior will be found either resting on one of the large swinging perches in his temporary enclosure or in flight between them. Junior is available for "adoption" through our Caring for Critters program! You can help support the Center by adopting him or any of our other animal ambassadors.