Join us for Giving Tuesday 2023

Please join us on Tuesday, November 28 for Giving Tuesday – and special behind-the-scenes opportunities to see the life-saving work made possible through your donations to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. 

We’ll start Giving Tuesday with our Hospital Cam! Going live at 9 a.m. Eastern, you’ll be able to peer over the shoulders of our veterinary team as they treat Center patients. Our outreach team will give us play-by-play descriptions of the morning’s treatments and will answer viewers’ questions. Our veterinary team will also be dropping by to offer special insight into what’s going on in the busy clinic.

This year, your Giving Tuesday gift will go twice as far. Through the kindness of anonymous donors, we have an exciting “Giving Tuesday” challenge.  Your contribution will be matched – dollar-for-dollar, up to $5000.  

We’re having a record-breaking patient year in 2023 – with more than 3,800 patients admitted, and more arriving every day. Your support will help us care for the 110+ patients currently in our care, by providing food, medication, diagnostic testing, bandaging supplies, and much more.

Gifts that are made starting Monday, November 27 through Tuesday, November 28 will count for this challenge. Your general donation, as well as your contributions toward our Caring for Critters or Critter Cam sponsorships, all count toward the match. If you would rather mail in your gift, please write "Giving Tuesday" on the memo line. 

Challenge #1: A Record-breaking Year for Patient Admissions: $5000 challenge met! 

Challenge #2: Equipment for the Hospital: $5000 challenge met!

We’re thrilled to announce another special matching challenge on Giving Tuesday, thanks to the kindness of more anonymous donors!

The Center is a state-of-the-art teaching hospital for wild animals, and our second Giving Tuesday goal of $5000 will allow us to purchase some new pieces of critical medical equipment, including:

A microscope with high high-definition camera and large screen. This will allow our veterinary staff to have incredible “real-time” images and video from the microscope. This will not only be incredible valuable for teaching dozens of students who come to the Center every year but will the staff to easily capture images and video to use in lectures and conference presentations.

Surgical drill handle and hose. An additional surgical drill and hose would allow our veterinary team to perform multiple orthopedic surgeries in the same day. Currently, the single surgical drill handle must be autoclaved in between surgeries, which is time-consuming and limiting. Adding this to the team’s inventory would allow the veterinarians to help more injured wild animals in need!

And later in the day, after morning treatments are done on Hospital Cam, we’ll be doing virtual tours of the Center’s veterinary and rehabilitation areas.  You’ll get the chance to see beyond the hospital’s treatment room and meet some of our wildlife ambassadors, and we’ll provide more updates on how we’re doing with our Giving Tuesday challenge! Join us online on November 28 to see and hear what your generosity funds.

Challenge #3: Fill the Freezers! $3000 challenge met! 

Our third challenge of the day is to match $3000 to help us get ready for 2024 by stocking our freezers with formula! For the next two months, our rehabilitation staff will enjoy a break from the busy baby season – but all too soon, young injured and orphaned animals will start arriving in early 2024. Baby squirrel season starts in February, Eastern Cottontails arrive in March, and many other young mammal species quickly follow – including Black Bears, Virginia Opossums, and White-tailed Deer fawns.

Our third matching challenge is set at $3000 to help us stock our freezers full of specialized formulas for each of these different species. One bucket of bear formula costs about $250! 

Challenge #4: Record-breaking Year for Eagles: $4,000 challenge met!

Our fourth and final challenge for the day is to match $4,000 for the admission and care of a record number of Bald Eagles in 2023. Extra space, supplies, and medicine are needed to support their treatment and rehabilitation, and your dollars will go directly to their care! To date, we've admitted 64 Bald Eagles this year -- more than we've ever seen before in a one-year period. 

3:35 pm update: Between yesterday and today, $20,471 has been donated to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Through the four Giving Tuesday challenges, $17,000 of this will be matched! Thank you for your generous support.