How to Be Greenbean

We love seeing how teachers use their academic Caring for Critters sponsorships – some teachers incorporate “their” classroom animal’s story and natural history facts into everyday lessons and assignments. This year, the first- and second-grade students in Mrs. Matheson’s PAACE (Program for Advanced Academic and Creative Education) class adopted Greenbean, the Center’s Northern Rough Greensnake as their classroom animal. The students have had fun learning about Greenbean and have generated some amazing projects that focus on this little education snake!

The class learned about greensnake natural history when they created their instructional “How to be a Northern Rough Greensnake” lists.



They covered more natural history – and learned about crickets! – when they creatively composed their “opposing voices” poem.

The students worked on their “Top 10 Reasons I want to be a Northern Rough Greensnake” as a writing project:



And, they even created Greenbean action figures – which come with a cricket!