Help us with “Cub Grub”!

The Center is currently caring for 19 Black Bear cubs – cubs that were born in January and February of this year, and that came to the Center after they were orphaned, injured, or separated from their mothers.

It’s fall, and it’s the time of year when bears in the wild begin to eat excessively as they bulk up for the “lean times” of winter.  It’s called hyperphagia – and the 19 cubs are now eating us out of house and home!

The Center’s bear-care team has increased bear feeding from 152 pounds to 190 pounds of food per day – that’s 10 pounds for each cub – and food is being provided seven days a week. 

Unfortunately, the donations of produce that we receive from area grocery stores just can’t keep up with this demand for food. 

At this point, we’re expecting that we’ll need to purchase up to an additional $800 each week in bear food for the next six weeks. 

So … we need help with “cub grub”.

Your online contribution today for “cub grub” will help us meet these additional expenses. 

Thank you!

To check in on the cubs through the Center's live web-based Critter Cam, click here. They can often be seen climbing trees, exploring, and foraging throughout the Center's Black Bear Complex.

*    *     *    

If you live close to the Wildlife Center, we would also be grateful for donations of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and eggs to feed the cubs!  Garden-surplus donations of apples, pears, pumpkins, squash, fall greens, and other produce would be put to use right away.

We’re also looking for nuts – acorns, hickories, chestnuts – important sources of valued protein for the cubs.  The Center has established some guidelines for nut collection here. Please note: we have more than enough black walnuts at this time! 

Got extra eggs?  Another source of protein for the cubs would be eggs!

These “in-kind” donations may be dropped off at the Center during regular business hours [9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week].  We have put drop-off food-donation bins near the Center’s front door.   

If you have food donation questions, please email