Help Us Care for Spring Patients! Contributing Food to the Wildlife Center

Spring is in full-swing here in Virginia, and the overall patient load at the Wildlife Center is growing by the week. As of May 15, more than 1,100 individual animals have been admitted – nearly one third of the total number of admissions expected for 2023. Currently, about 218 wild animals are actively receiving veterinary and rehabilitative care. Young Virginia Opossums, Eastern Cottontail Rabbits, and Eastern Gray Squirrels currently make up a higher percentage of species at the Center compared to other months; combined, these three species alone account for roughly 31% of all patients actively receiving care!

On Monday, May 15, Wildlife Rehabilitation Supervisor Alex Olvera shared that some specific items, materials, and supplies are in particularly high-demand, and are in need of restocking in large quantities almost weekly. In addition to monetary contributions, the Wildlife Center gratefully accepts donations of materials, supplies, and food to help us treat and return animals to the wild.

Donations of the food items below are greatly appreciated:

  • Any brand of canned cat or dog food. Ground food is preferred, but any types are being accepted.
  • Wellness CORE-brand Grain-Free Kitten Formula Natural Dry Cat Food
  • Timothy hay (commonly packaged and sold as bedding for small pets)
  • Chicken eggs
  • Plain Gerber-brand Rice or Oatmeal Cereal for Baby (no flavors, please!)

Thank you! As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, the Wildlife Center of Virginia depends primarily upon private donations to care for the thousands of patients admitted each year.

Questions? Please email wildlife@wildlifecenter.orgNo phone calls, please! We want to keep the lines open for wildlife emergencies.