Happy Hatch-Day, Buddy!

Happy Hatch-day, Buddy!

Five years ago, thousands of online eagle fans watched as one eaglet hatched at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. The single eaglet had a world-wide following; people from across the globe tuned in each day to see the young eaglet grow and mature. In May 2008, the eaglet was removed from the nest by DGIF biologists when cam-watchers noted a large growth on the eaglet’s beak. Once the young bird admitted to the Wildlife Center as patient #08-887, the lesion was identified as avian pox. While the young eagle did recover from the viral infection, the lesion permanently deformed his beak – and the following year, the eagle became “Buddy”, the Center’s education Bald Eagle.

This past year has been a significant one for Buddy – he began his educational ambassador career. In May 2012, Buddy made his first off-site appearance at the Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagle Festival. In April 2013, Buddy appeared at a special Jack Hanna show and reception in Charlottesville; and on his fifth “birthday”, he will appear at Waynesboro’s Riverfest.

We look forward to many more years with our resident celebrity as he helps us fulfill our mission – teaching the world to care about and to care for wildlife and the environment. Happy Hatch-day!

A look back at Buddy through the years:








Celebrating Buddy's 5th Hatch-day:

What other five-year-old gets three cakes, birthday shirts, a fish, and special pottery just for them?

Buddy's 5th Hatch-Day