Fall Fawn Round-Up Part II

On Saturday, September 25, Wildlife Center staff, preceptorship students, veterinary extern students, and volunteers gathered for Part II of the 2010 Fawn Round-Up.  Part I took place on September 4, when 15 fawns were released.  Much like the first round-up, several experienced fawn handlers acted as the "catchers", while nearly everyone else filed in to the deer yard to act as a giant, herding human wall.  Once the "catchers" had a fawn in hand (no easy task), someone else restrained the back legs of the fawn for the journey down the hill to the trailer.  Once all 16 fawns were safely loaded into the trailer, they were taken to Crozet for release. Fawns usually start arriving at the Center at the end of May and are some of the most time-intensive patients for the Center's rehabilitation staff.  Young fawns are initially bottle-fed twice a day – mirroring the feeding pattern of White-tailed Deer in the wild – and gradually moved over to a diet of browse – primarily leaves and small branches gathered several times a day by Center staff and volunteers. After four months of caring for all of these young charges, the rehabilitation staff are very happy to be "fawn free."    In total, 31 fawns were released after spending the summer at the Wildlife Center - a very successful year!           At the Wildlife Center, we treat to release.  Your donation will help support the Center’s life-saving work with about 2,500 wild animals in need.