Dr. Karra reflects on double eagle release at Lake Anna State Park with regional news media

Following three months of veterinary and rehabilitative care, two juvenile Bald Eagles were released at Lake Anna State Park on August 12, 2022. Dr. Karra, the Center's Director of Veterinary Services, had the opportunity to speak with several news media representatives after the eagles had successfully taken flight back into the wild. During a conversation with journalists at the Fredericksburg-based B101.5 FM radio station, Dr. Karra described the importance of celebrating patient releases:

"It's the goal that we work so hard toward, and for every patient you see go back to the wild, there are ones that don't make it along the way due to injury or illness being too severe -- and certainly that can be sad, but having a moment like this when your patients go back into the wild makes it all worthwhile."

When asked if she would miss having these eagles as patients at the Center, Dr. Karra quickly smiled and said, "Nope -- absolutely not! We have many other hungry mouths to feed, and many other patients waiting to move into their enclosures to practice their flight training and get ready to go back to the wild as well. So, I will say I hope to never see them again; that means I've done my job right!" 

Click the video below to watch the full interview: