The Class of 2016

In addition to the thousands of animals that pass through the Wildlife Center’s doors each year, the Wildlife Center also welcomes dozens of externship students. These students come from all over the world to complete an eight- to twelve-week volunteer externship at the Center, focusing in one of two areas: wildlife rehabilitation or education outreach.

The Wildlife Center gains many sets of hands — energetic, enthusiastic students who assist with the endless daily work of a busy wildlife teaching hospital. The externs gain in-depth, hands-on experience in the field of wildlife rehabilitation and outreach — and a chance to “test run” a career in the field.

A large amount of the rehabilitation students’ time is spent hand-feeding a wide variety of orphaned animals and monitoring their progress. Other duties include learning about animal husbandry, nutrition, capture and restraint methods for various species, wildlife laws, and release criteria.

The outreach externs spend their time learning how to present programs, assisting with written patient and education animal updates, and focusing on some of the outreach technology the Center uses.

By the time 2016 is over, more than two dozen externship students will have passed through the Center’s doors. Check back throughout the year for information on the students and links to their blog posts.

Name: Jessica
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Pinetop, AZ
College: Clarkson University
Degree in: Biology 
Read Jessica's blog post: Post-release Monitoring of Rehabilitated Raptors


Name: Maggie
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Henrico, VA
College: Old Dominion University
Degree in: Biology
Favorite skill gained: How to tube bunnies and opossums. I loved the feeling you get when you tube them correctly. Especially since some of the bunnies were difficult to tube.
Read Maggie's blog: As One Feeding Ends, Another Begins


Name: Lauren
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Broken Arrow, OK
College: Oklahoma State University
Degree in: Geography
Fun fact: earned the nickname “Little Bird” during her time at WCV because of love for birds.
Read Lauren's blog post: Red-tail Tale

Name: Ashley
Area: Outreach 
Hometown: Mechanicsville, VA
College: Virginia Commonwealth University 
Degree in: Anthropology 
Read Ashley's blog post: C.A.R.I.N.G about the Environment; Knowledge is Power

Name: Kylee
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Peru, IL
College: Eastern Illinois University
Degree in:  Biology 
Read Kylee's blog post: Just Out the Window


Name: Jena
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown:  Woodstock, IL
College: Eastern Illinois University 
Degree in:  Biology 
Read Jena's blog post: Weird is Normal


Name: Shannon
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
College: James Madison University 
Degree in:  Biology 
Claim to fame: Squirrel Whisperer- No matter how fussy or temperamental the squirrel, I could always get them to eat!
Read Shannon's blog post: This Externship Was Totally Possum!

Name: Alexandria
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Afton, VA 
College: Christopher Newport University
Degree in: Environmental Science
Favorite task: making meals

Name: Rosie
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Lincolnshire, UK
College: New College Stamford, UK
Degree in: Animal Management
Read Rosie's blog post: Reflections on an Externship


Name:  Michelle 
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA 
College: Virginia Tech
Majoring in: Biological Sciences
Read Michelle's blog post: Courage and Compassion

Name: Tim
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
College: Bridgewater College
Degree in: Environmental Science


Name: Will
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Christiansburg, VA
College: Humboldt State University & Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine.
Degree in: Conservation Biology/Applied Vertebrate Ecology 


Name: Chad
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Canton, OH
College: Kent State University 
Degree in: Zoology 
Claim to Fame: The White Board King
Read Chad's blog: Top 10 Thoughts of a Rehabilitation Extern


Name: Santiago
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Tujunga, CA
College: Occidental College
Degree in: Music, minor in Biology
Favorite task: Browsing
Read Santiago's blog: My Reflections on my Wildlife Rehabilitation Externship


Name:  Katie 
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Lisle, IL
College: Ripon College
Degree in: Biology 
Read Katie's blog post: Bring on the Swifts!


Name: Emily S. 
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Purcellville, VA
College: Bridgewater College
Degree in:  Biology 
Favorite task: Feeding raptors
Read Emily's blog post: Life Lessons


Name:  Kelsey M
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Rochester, NY
College: State College State College of New York (SUNY)
Degree in: Environmental Biology and Marine Science
Read Kelsey's blog post: Out of My Comfort Zone


Name: Sarah M. 
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Middle Point, OH
College: Ohio State University 
Degree in:  Zoology 


Name: Sarah W.
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
College: University of Rhode Island 
Degree in: Conservation and Wildlife Biology 
Read Sarah W.'s blog post: My Two Loves: Squirrels and Raptors


Name: Taylor 
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown:  Woodbridge, VA
College: George Mason University 
Degree in: Environmental Science
Read Taylor's blog post: Ten Thoughts a Rehab Extern has During Their Time at WCV


Name: Kelsey G. 
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Endwell, NY
College: Slippery Rock University 
Degree in: Biology 
Read Kelsey's blog post: Oh Deer!


Name: Kelsey R.
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Woodford, VA 
College: University of Mary Washington
Degree in: Biology 
Read Kelsey's blog post: A Lesson from Buttercup



Name: Elizabeth
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Marinette, WI
College: University of Wisconsin -- Stevens Point
Degree in: Biology  

Name: Jesse 
Area: Rehabilitation
Hometown: Honesdale, PA
College: Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Degree in: Biology 
Special skills: Bagging rats