Cam in the Classroom: Wacky Report Cards

If a Barred Owl received a report card, what grades would it earn?

One of the latest assignments in Mrs. Matheson's fifth-grade class -- one of the classrooms that regularly participates in the Wildlife Center's Critter Cam moderated discussion -- was writing up a "Wacky Report card" for a Barred Owl. Mrs. Matheson's class adopted Gustavo, one of the Center's animal ambassadors -- and ever since, many lesson plans have included Gus, owls, and other wildlife.

Mrs. Matheson's class was tasked with not just assigning grades, but also coming up with comments to support the given grade. Everyone worked together as a class to determine the subjects based on the information they received in their Caring for Critters packet. The class worked on the "nest-building" subject together, and then each student had to provide a grade in the other owl subjects, based on what they know about that particular aspect of the Barred Owl.

So how would Gus and others of his species fare?