Cam in the Classroom: Owl-ographies

As mentioned in our earlier "lesson plan" posts, we love hearing how creative teachers are using the Critter Cam and other Wildlife Center information in their classrooms. 

Since Mrs. Matheson’s fifth-grade class adopted Misty and Gus [two of the Wildlife Center's education Barred Owls], there have been many lesson plans that are centered around the owls. Mrs. Matheson has taken the role of the Wildlife Center’s education ambassadors  to a new level by incorporating these animals into writing assignments, math lessons and quizzes, science lessons, and more.

This "owl-ographies" assignment was the first time Mrs. Matheson's students have used a powerpoint program.  The assignment was to create a powerpoint about Misty and/or Gus and include some Barred Owl facts.   Students also had to include a "credit" slide, including thanks to the Wildlife Center for the information and photos. 

Here are just a few of the slideshows that the students came up with [click on each name to see the handouts]: