Backyard Wildlife Week 2014

Each year, the Wildlife Center of Virginia treats an average of 2,600 native wild animals. Many of the animals that we admit as patients can be seen right in our own backyards!

The Wildlife Center of Virginia is declaring August 11-16 as "Backyard Wildlife Week". Join us in celebrating the wildlife we find in our backyards!

Native wildlife habitats come in many different forms -- rural, wooded, suburban, aquatic, desert, and more.

No matter where you live or work, you're guaranteed to have some wild critter neighbors -- from little ladybugs and soaring Red-tailed Hawks, to aquatic frogs and nocturnal opossums.

You can help these wild animals and make the most of your outdoor space with the creation of a backyard habitat.

Your backyard can be enhanced by adding food sources, shelter, and a water supply for wildlife. Making some simple changes to your space can transform your backyard, front porch, or even window sill into an attractive, welcoming wildlife habitat.

During Backyard Wildlife Week, we'll share ideas for creating inviting spaces for wildlife, celebrate some "backyard wildlife" species, and explore why creating and preserving backyard habitats is so important for both humans and wildlife.

Backyard Wildlife Week Events

Wednesday, August 13 
Wildlife Center Classroom Series: Backyard Habitats
Read the archived class here!

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Special Guest: Kate Guenther, front desk coordinator and Master Naturalist,
discusses the recently Certified Wildlife Habitat at the Wildlife Center
Read the archived class here!

Take the video tour: 



Daily Photo Contests
We'll showcase your backyard habitats through daily photo contests on our Facebook page. Submit photos related to the daily theme for a chance to win a prize!

Monday, August 11: Show us your outdoor space!
Is it a suburban garden? A rural farm? A city oasis?

Winner:  Jennifer Smith

Tuesday, August 12:  Shelter
Here's your chance to show us your creative bird house, toad abode, insect hotel, or whatever wildlife shelter graces your backyard.

Winner:  Meneka Rodrigo

Wednesday, August 13:  Food Sources
What food sources do you have in your backyard -- natural or human-supplied?

Winner:  Nancy Estilow Waddell

Thursday, August 14:  Water
Share your water feature, whether it's an elaborate pond or a simple birdbath.

Winner: Pam Monahan

Friday, August 15: Your backyard -- in action!  
Because this week is dedicated to wildlife, we want to see your favorite critter neighbor! Send us a photo of a wild guest in your backyard, using at least one of the habitat components featured earlier in the week [space, shelter, food, water].




Saturday, August 16: YOU -- in your habitat!
So many Facebook friends have shared photos of their wonderful backyards this week. Now, let's see a photo of YOU enjoying your peaceful backyard (or front yard) habitat!


Ready to enhance your backyard habitat?

Visit the Wildlife Center's Pinterest page for tips and inspiration, and learn more about creating specific backyard features on our backyard page

Other resources for creating or enhancing your backyard.
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Attracting Birds with Nest Boxes
National Wildlife Federation - Certified Wildlife Habitat

Check back for more fun activities throughout the week!