2021 Caring for Babies!

Celebrate Spring with the Wildlife Center of Virginia's special Caring for Babies program!

Spring is the busiest time for patient admissions at the Wildlife Center; every year between April - June, the Center will admit about half of its annual caseload. Most of these patients are young injured and orphaned wildlife, including squirrels, opossums, rabbits, bears, owlets, songbirds, ducklings, and more.

Caring for these young, growing animals is demanding; the staff work hard to ensure each animal has everything it needs to grow into a healthy, mature adult ready for life in the wild.  Our veterinarians and rehabilitators care for these young wild patients from dawn to well after dusk, trying to replicate the natural parental care these animals would receive from their biological parents in the wild.

What better way to say "Happy Spring" than with a special Caring for Critters sponsorship of these Wildlife Center patients? 

Your special sponsorship will help ensure that all wild young animals admitted in 2021 will receive the best possible care. These sponsorship packets are also wonderful Mother's or Father's Day gifts! 


As a special Spring Caring for Babies sponsor, you [or your gift recipient] will receive a sponsorship packet, including:

  • Detailed information about a variety of young wildlife, including the care they receive at the Wildlife Center, natural history information, and some tips on how you can help wildlife;
  • A photo of a young wild patient in our care;
  • A personalized certificate of sponsorship; and
  • Monthly email updates about some of our 2021 wild babies. 

This standard sponsorship package is available for $30. 

You can also upgrade your sponsorship package and add on a totebag! Along with your sponsorship packet materials, you'll also receive:           

A "Life is Wild" tote bag, featuring rabbits, a squirrel, a bear, and a plethora of other wildlife. This totebag is made of 100% cotton sheeting and measures 15.75"h x 15.25"w, with a 21.5" handle.



The upgraded sponsorship package is just $35! Shipping costs are included with both packages.

Place your order for this special Spring Caring for Babies package today in our online shop!

No phone calls, please! As we enter our busy spring season, we want to ensure the lines are open for people with wildlife emergencies and questions.

A variety of other Wildlife Center education animals are also available for “adoption” through the Caring for Critters sponsorship program.

Questions? Please email us at mcrawford@wildlifecenter.org.

Thank you!