2011 Year in Review: Dr. Miranda Sadar

Dr. Miranda Sadar, Veterinary Fellow: One of my most memorable patients from 2011 is also a patient that defied the odds in order to get released.  Barred Owl 11-1080 came to us on May 31, 2011 from Hanover County.  The nestling owl had apparently fallen from a tree, and I found damage in both of its eyes as well as multiple skin wounds. Because of the damage to the owl’s eyes, I was sure that this bird was going to be a non-releasable patient – but had high hopes that we would be able to find it placement in an education or display facility.  For the skin wounds, we placed the owl on systemic antibiotics and treated the wounds topically until they healed. For the eyes, we monitored for changes by performing regular eye examinations.   As time went on, the owl became more feisty, was eating and growing normally, and was all around a (cute) pain in the butt! When placed into one of our smaller outdoor cages, the owl began to test its wings and was seen flying in the cage. From there we decided to place it into a larger flight pen with “trees” to maneuver around (foam pool noodles hanging from the ceiling) thinking that there was no way this bird was going to pass this test. Much to my excitement, this little owl passed every test we put in front of it, including successfully catching live prey. After a couple of months, this owl was released back in Hanover County! Read about more "memorable moments" from our staff, volunteers, and students -- 2011 Year in Review.