An Online Bear Birthday Party!

January 17, 2019 (All day)

On January 17, we’re celebrating “Parturition Day” for the Black Bears at the Wildlife Center – celebrating their collective birthdays!

In Virginia, Black Bear sows typically give birth in mid- to late January. According to a study by Kim Echols, in Virginia, Black Bear sows have been documented giving birth from December 19 to February 22 – with a median date of January 17. While the Center occasionally admits a very young cub in January or February, typically the cubs begin to arrive in April and May, when they are starting to emerge from dens with their mothers. The 15 bears now at the Center were admitted in 2018 – 11 were admitted in the spring months as healthy young cubs, the other four came later in the summer or fall and were injured at admission. 

Join us on the Critter Cam moderated discussion to celebrate the bears’ big day! After the morning Hospital Cam, we’ll intermittently look back on the bears’ time at the Center. Join us for a special discussion with wildlife rehabilitator (and bear mom) Brie at 2:00 p.m. She’ll talk about bear care, and will describe the special treat she and Kelsey are preparing for the birthday celebration. Following her discussion, the bears will be served their birthday dinner and treats!

Want to give the bears a gift? Make your donation today!

  • Help us with our grocery bill! It costs $150/day to feed the bears – 120 lbs of dog food, fruits, veggies, greens, nuts, seeds, and worms. Your contribution will keep the bears fed from now until their spring release!
  • Or, help purchase an extra special treat. Brie has indicated that the bears really love nuts and insects – these are a normal part of their diet, but are given more sparingly due to cost. Your donation will pay for birthday treats from now until their spring release!
    • ½ box of nuts: $56
    • ¼  box of mealworms: $31.87

Join us in wishing the bears a very happy first birthday!