NHx 317: Natural History Considerations for White-tailed Deer Rehabilitation

July 24, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

The Wildlife Care Academy will be offering an online class on Wednesday, July 24. Online classes at the Wildlife Care Academy are taught via Blackboard Collaborate, which bring the classroom experience right to the attendee, without having to travel! The goal of the online classes is to provide live instruction programs that allow interaction between teacher and student like a traditional classroom but via the easily accessible format of a virtual classroom.

NHx 317:  Natural History Considerations for White-tailed Deer Rehabilitation
The natural history of White-tailed Deer has significant implications for rehabilitation of this sensitive species. This class serves as an accompaniment to REHAB 317: White-tailed Deer Rehabilitation and will provide a fundamental understanding of the natural history considerations for rehabilitation of White-tailed Deer.  White-tailed Deer are a uniquely challenging species to house and treat in captivity, with significant legal restrictions in some locations.  This class will cover topics including diet and predation, reproduction, seasonality of rehabilitation, release criteria, and more! Additionally, unique rehabilitation concerns regarding disease transmission, stress, and habituation will be discussed.