Earth Day 2021: Restore Our Earth

April 22, 2021 (All day)
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 Join us for a day-long event for Earth Day 2021!

Each year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day, an annual environmental holiday that promotes a yearly theme acknowledging various ways we can appreciate, conserve, protect, and rehabilitate our environment.  This year’s Earth Day theme is “Restoring Our Earth”, and our events today are geared toward citizen action for conserving and restoring the environment.

9:15 am Eastern: Morning Welcome 

Kick-off the day with a good morning welcome with outreach educator Lauren!

9:30 am Eastern: What is Earth Day 

What is Earth Day and why do we celebrate this environmental holiday?  Find out more about this year’s theme and some fun information about Earth Day in a conversation with outreach educator Lauren and outreach coordinator Alex.

11:00 am Eastern: Enrichment Creation Session

Join outreach educator Lauren as she makes an Earth Day-themed enrichment item for education ambassador Marigold the Virginia Opossum, which will be given to her later in the day! If you’d like to make a similar item for enrichment for a pet, you’ll need a re-purposed cardboard box, some non-toxic paint, a knife or scissors, tape, tissue paper, and species-appropriate snacks and treats for inside. Stay tuned later in the day when Marigold receives her special Earth Day treat!

1:00 pm Eastern: An Interview with Waynesboro’s Department of Public Works

Join us for a discussion with Waynesboro’s Department of Public Works!  Stormwater Program Manager Jennifer Allen-Key and Stormwater Technician Danielle Poole join us for a chat with Lauren about stormwater, watersheds, and being environmentally conscious when it comes to run-off! The discussion also includes talking about the local South River Clean-Up that will be happening this weekend on April 24!  More information about that event here

3:00 pm Eastern: Celebrate Earth Day with Marigold! 

Everyone loves Earth Day, but especially Marigold the opossum education ambassador!  Marigold was admitted to the Center as a patient when she was hit by a car and was left with significant visual impairments that prevent her from being released into the wild.  Meet Marigold, learn more about opossums, and watch as Marigold digs into a special Earth Day-themed enrichment item that will be created earlier in the day.  It’s sure to be a fun time!

4:00 pm Eastern: Earth Day Closing

Thanks for joining us today!  Didn’t make it to watch something live?  Check out our Facebook for recorded sessions.   Keep the Earth Day celebration going all week long -- and let us know what action you’re taking to Restore our Earth by dropping a comment, photo, and/or video in the Critter Cam Moderated Discussion. 


On Saturday, April 24, Wildlife Center of Virginia staff will be attending a clean-up at the South River in honor of Earth Day.  Communications coordinator Aaron will be live on Facebook during the event and will talk to some participants and orchestrators.  If you’re local, we encourage you to join us!  For more information about this event, click here.
If you’re doing a clean-up on your own or joining an organized event in your area, we want to hear about it!  Show us what trash you’re picking up in your area and join the global conversation on social media with #trashtag. Tag us in your social media posts and use the hashtag #EarthDay2021withWCV so we can see your community engagement, too!

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