As one of the world’s leading teaching hospitals for wildlife medicine, the Wildlife Center of Virginia has a core mission to teach the world to care about and care for wildlife and the environment. This news page collects stories of the Center’s expertise in action.

July 27, 2022

During the month of August, the Wildlife Center is highlighting an important aspect of animal care for the ambassadors at our Center—enrichment! Enrichment can best be described as any stimulus you provide an animal that encourages it to perform the natural behaviors its species would perform in the wild. In other words, it's a way of replicating the things that an animal would experience in the wild. This can be as simple as hiding an animal's food so it has to forage, or as complex as changing an animal's habitat throughout each season.

August 19, 2022

On July 9, an officer with the Henrico Animal Protection department found a young raptor on the side of the road with no trees or sign of a nest nearby. The officer picked up the bird and brought it to the Wildlife Center of Virginia that same day.

On admission, the young raptor was having difficulty breathing; the veterinary team found that the young bird had a puncture wound on the left side of its abdomen, along with significant bruising. The veterinary staff started the bird on a course of anti-inflammatories and placed it in a small enclosure with supplemental oxygen.

August 18, 2022

Following three months of veterinary and rehabilitative care, two juvenile Bald Eagles were released at Lake Anna State Park on August 12, 2022. Dr. Karra, the Center's Director of Veterinary Services, had the opportunity to speak with several news media representatives after the eagles had successfully taken flight back into the wild. During a conversation with journalists at the Fredericksburg-based B101.5 FM radio station, Dr.

August 8, 2022

As we approach the end of summer, teachers everywhere are busily engaged in planning for the new school year. The Wildlife Center of Virginia website has abundant resources for teachers to help them incorporate the lessons of wildlife veterinary medicine and environmental conservation into their science, biology, and environmental science lesson plans.

Below is a list, with links, of resources available.

UNTAMED: Life is Wild

July 27, 2022

The summer season is in full swing, and many of us are looking for ways to beat the heat as temperatures climb. A trip to the swimming pool, an ice-cold beverage in the shade, relaxing inside with the air conditioning turned up – a myriad of options exist for humans when staying cool and comfortable is the goal.

July 12, 2022

Each year on July 16, wildlife enthusiasts, educators, and advocates celebrate a special holiday – World Snake Day! The exact origins of this holiday are difficult to know for sure, but the overall messages are clear. Despite facing many of the same threats that affect other wildlife species – habitat loss and degradation, global climate change, human activity, etc. – negative attitudes and misinformed public perceptions often make conservation efforts difficult.

July 7, 2022

On June 19, a banded Peregrine Falcon fledgling was found grounded on the James River Bridge in Newport News, Virginia. The falcon was unable to fly and was taken to permitted wildlife rehabilitator Dana Lusher. After several days in Dana's care, the bird was transferred to the Wildlife Center of Virginia.