Let us know what happened!

Thank you for demonstrating caring and commitment to our wildlife babies. We applaud your effort to try to save the lives of the young animal(s) you found. We also really appreciate your willingness to attempt to reunite them with their parents. We hope the advice we gave you gives them the greatest chance of survival.

That being said, we do want to evaluate the outcome of the advice we give; this will help us refine our advice in the future regarding what to do with infant wildlife situations. Please take our survey so we know how the animals fared after you took them back to their nesting area.

We expect this online survey will take you five minutes to complete. It will provide us with invaluable data that we currently do not have. If you do not have access to a computer, then just call us and we’ll be glad to take your info over the phone. Please take the survey within a few days of attempting to re-nest the infants, while the situation is still fresh in your mind.

Take the online survey!

To report outcome by phone, please call 540-942-9453, 9am-5pm daily. 

Thank you!