Hospital Cam

Each month, the Wildlife Center hosts “Hospital Cam”! This Critter Cam event offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look into the work of a wildlife hospital. On the selected day, Hospital Cam viewers can virtually peer over the shoulders of the veterinary team as they begin treatments at 9:00 a.m. Eastern. Treatments may include an examination of a Bald Eagle, changing a bandage on a Virginia Opossum, medicating a turtle, giving fluids to a bear cub, or splinting a songbird’s wing. The case load at the Center fluctuates throughout the year – you never know what will happen in a wildlife hospital!

Outreach staff members offer a play-by-play of the actions on Hospital Cam and are available to answer questions on the moderated discussion. Check out this Hospital Cam event from August 2017!

Screenshots from July 2017 Hospital Cam:



Hospital Cam is streamed on Critter Cam 1, is offered on a Tuesday – Friday, and usually occurs during the last week of the month. Check our event calendar to see when the next one is scheduled! There is no audio with any Critter Cams.