GN Reveal/Monkey Business

In 2012, individuals who joined in the Critter Cam moderated discussion puzzled about the true identity of the individual who posts as “GN”. His/her comments are often insightful – occasionally odd – and always entertaining.

But just who IS GN?

In November 2012, a challenge was issued to members of Critter Nation -- the viewers of the Critter Cam. If a total of $5,000 was raised by Monday, November 26, 2012:

The Wildlife Center would purchase:

  • A Super Talon Animal Catcher; [cost of $875] [goal met -- 11/9!]
  • A new computer for the Center’s front-desk [for patient admissions; for information on rehabbers across the state, etc. ] [$1,100]  [goal met -- 11/13!]
  • A new computer for the Outreach Department [updating the Center’s website, Caring for Critters] [$1,100] [goal met -- 11/13!]
  • A flexible endoscope adaptor [featured on Dr. Dave’s wishlist] [$1,200] [goal met -- 11/14!]
  • A pediatric brooder [another item on the Dr. Dave wishlist] [$750] [goal met -- 11/14!] 

If the $5,000 goal was made – Mysterious Mr/s GN agreed to allow Dr. Dave to shoot the STAC/goose-catcher over him/her, live, on Critter Cam. A reveal!

By November 14, thanks to the incredible generosity of Critter Nation, we not only met all five "levels", but we achieved some "bonus levels"! The Center was able to purchase two additional computers to complete a staff-wide computer upgrade. Lacy and Kristen, both in the development department, will receive new computers.


Each individual who donated to the GN Reveal/Monkey Business project received an emailed biography of GN on the big reveal day, which was December 6.

And GN received some cookies baked by Amanda.

December 6:  The Big Reveal

GN was revealed in a series of antics on Critter Cam on Thursday, December 6, at 12:00 noon (EST). Watch the video here.

View photos here.

GN Reveal in the News

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