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Episode One of Untamed focuses on Black Bears. In this episode, Wildlife Center staff members illustrate what it's like to care for Black Bear cubs, explain how we're working to understand and treat mange in wild bear populations and demonstrate what you should do if you encounter a Black Bear in need of help.

DGIF Black Bear biologist Jamie Sajecki gives us perspective on feeding wildlife, and our host Ed Clark explains our roles in being good bear neighbors.


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Watch our Critter Cams! For much of the year, one camera is specifically dedicated to the bear patients at the Wildlife Center.





Help us care for the current bear patients at the Center through our Caring for Bears sponsorship program







Want to read more fascinating stories about bears in general? We recommend Smiling Bears by Else Poulsen -- a book that's been featured in our online Wildlife Book Club! In 2015, we were lucky enough to have Else come to the Center to consult with our team. Read more here. 





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For Classrooms

Looking for ideas on how to incorporate the stories and lessons of Untamed into the classroom? The Wildlife Center is happy to provide these original worksheets and activity pages for teachers and educators. Designed to highlight the major themes and ideas presented in each episode, these activities are best used in combination with a classroom viewing. 

Are you using these materials and resources in your classroom? We are eager to hear from you! Please let us know, so we can share your classroom projects and experiences with other teachers. Contact us at edu@wildlifecenter.org.

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