Episode 307: Careers with Wildlife



The range of career paths that lead to working with wildlife is about as varied as the actual wildlife all around us. This episode features several different people working with or for wildlife, highlighting a collection of stories from their daily lives. Learn more about how to find a career – or volunteer job! –  in this field, including the range of backgrounds and education paths that can lead people to work with wildlife. Even with a diversity of people, organizations and agencies, roles and responsibilities, a number of these professionals work together for a common goal of helping protect wildlife and the environment.

Untamed Unfiltered



Join us for Untamed Unfiltered to take a deeper look inside each episode with some of the Center's Untamed producers and special guests. In this episode, Amanda and Aaron sit down with our own veterinary intern Dr. Cameron Berg, wildlife rehabilitation intern Ben Cole, and Brie Hashem, director of Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary

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