Episode 303: Animal Ambassadors



The goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to release healthy, recovered animals back to their natural habitats as fully functioning wild animals. But what happens when animals can’t be released? Sometimes, they may be suitable for a new job: an education ambassador. This episode highlights the selection criteria and welfare considerations that are essential to determine if an animal is a good candidate as an animal ambassador. Wildlife ambassadors play a significant role in education, by connecting people to wildlife and conservation issues and inspiring thousands of people worldwide to take action to protect wildlife.

Untamed Unfiltered



Join us for Untamed Unfiltered to take a deeper look inside each episode with some of the Center's Untamed producers and special guests. In this episode, Amanda and Aaron sit down with Gail Buhl of Partners For Wildlife/The Raptor Center, Melissa Moore of Peoria Zoo, and Jackie Kozlowski of The Tracy Aviary

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