Episode 301: From Rescue to Release

While the goal of wildlife rehabilitation is to restore wild animals to health and release them back into their natural habitats, it takes incredible efforts from many invested people to reach that goal.  From the individual who cared enough to stop and find help for an injured wild animal, to volunteer transporters, wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians who provide medical assistance, and more – it truly “takes a village” to help a wild animal in need. Learn more about the entire wildlife rehabilitation process that takes place at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, a hospital for wildlife that treats more than 3,000 wild animals each year.


Untamed Unfiltered



Join us for Untamed Unfiltered to take a deeper look inside each episode with some of the Center's Untamed producers and special guests. In this episode, Amanda and Aaron sit down with front-desk coordinator Connor Gillespie, director of veterinary services Dr. Karra Pierce, and development team leader Kayla Cline to discuss how it "takes a village" to care for wildlife. 

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