Episode 205: Backyard Wildlife Habitats

This episode focuses on how to set up a safe backyard habitat, including the critical components to make your yard a sanctuary for wild animals. Join Wildlife Center staff and backyard naturalists to learn how we can create safe spaces to attract wildlife while minimizing our impact and chance of disturbance for our wild neighbors.

Untamed Unfiltered

Join us for Untamed Unfiltered, as we sit down with some of the Center's Untamed producers and featured staff members, and take a deeper look inside each episode. In this episode, Amanda and Aaron sit down with former front-desk staffer and master naturalist Kate Guenther, and backyard habitat hobbyist Lydia Price. 

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For Classrooms

Looking for ideas on how to incorporate the stories and lessons of Untamed into the classroom?  Backyard Habitats: In (About) 2 Minutes is a quick look at the major concepts and ideas explored in this Untamed episode and is a quick resource for teachers who want to kick off a discussion. 

Discussion questions and activities are provided for those educators who want to utilize Untamed in the classroom. One set of discussion questions is designed to be used in combination with the full Untamed episode; another set of discussion questions can be utilized with the In (About) 2 Minutes video. 

Are you using these materials and resources in your classroom? We are eager to hear from you! Please let us know, so we can share your classroom projects and experiences with other teachers. Contact us at edu@wildlifecenter.org.

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