Episode 13: Hawks & Falcons

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Episode 13 of Untamed focuses on diurnal birds of prey -- a diverse group of birds across the globe which includes hawks, falcons, osprey, eagles, and kites. While these different families of birds have a variety of physical and behavioral traits, they are all specially adapted for daytime hunting. Today, most of these birds of prey are widely appreciated by the public, but they still face many dangers. Learn more about these amazing raptors and how to help. 


Read the stories of the hawks and falcons featured inside this episode!




Learn more about the people in the episode. 


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Looking for ideas on how to incorporate the stories and lessons of Untamed into the classroom? The Wildlife Center is happy to provide these original worksheets and activity pages for teachers and educators. Designed to highlight the major themes and ideas presented in each episode, these activities are best used in combination with a classroom viewing. 

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