Off-site Programs

Invite the Wildlife Center of Virginia to present one of our award-winning environmental education programs at your school, organization, or special event.

Our programs promote positive attitudes toward wildlife and emphasize how the personal choices we make affect the health of the environment.


All programs include up-close experiences with live, non-releasable wild animals!

Programs for schools are designed to complement and enhance the Virginia Standards of Learning.

Presentation length: approximately 45 minutes
Audience size: up to 300
Cost: $250 for one program, plus mileage*†
$160 for additional programs on the same day at the same location

* mileage fee:  a $0.57 per-mile charge is applied to the round-trip distance from our location in Waynesboro, VA
For organizations 70 miles or more from our location in Waynesboro, we require that a minimum of two programs be booked [same day].
For organizations ~100 miles or more from our location in Waynesboro, requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
We offer the following assembly program themes:
Whoo's Awake in the Night (Nocturnal Creatures) Creatures of the night use amazing adaptations to thrive in the dark. Learn about these unique characteristics, and how our actions during the day affect those who stay up all night.
Age: Best for K - 5th, families or mixed-age groups
Wild Winter Worlds (Winter Adaptations) What do animals do when the weather turns cold? Meet wild animals who migrate, hibernate, or just tough it out. Learn how human activities can affect animals during this difficult season.
Age: Best for K - 5th, families or mixed-age groups
Home Sweet Habitat Explore how different animals satisfy their needs for food, water, shelter, and space. Understand the causes and effects of habitat loss, and what you can do to help.
Age: Best for K - 5th, families or mixed-age groups
You Are What You Eat (Food Chains) From producers to predators to scavengers, the amazing food chain provides energy for all living things. Learn more about how wild animals fit into food chains and how we are all connected in the web of life.
Age: Best for K - 5th, families or mixed-age groups

Critters Don't Need Litter (Litter Awareness) Everyone needs a clean, safe place to live. Meet animals who can teach us about the dangers posed by litter, and learn how we can help animals and people live in a healthy, litter-free world.
Age: Best for 3rd- through adult

For Goodness Snakes!
Virginia is home to more than 30 different species of snakes. This presentation discusses the physical and behavioral adaptations of these unique creatures. Students will meet live snakes that represent species that live in our own backyards!
Age: Best for all ages through adult
A View from the Top (Birds of Prey) What makes birds of prey such successful hunters? Learn about the fantastic tools these magnificent predators have and discover what they can teach us about the world they inhabit
Age: Best for all ages through adult
Treat to Release:  Inside the Wildlife Center of Virginia Explore the workings of our wildlife hospital, meet some of our non-releasable former patients, and discover how the Wildlife Center is carrying out its mission of conservation.
Age: Best for middle school through adult
We also offer classroom visits for an in-depth focus on one animal in a smaller group setting. Learn more about Classroom visits here!


To schedule an assembly program, please fill out our Off-site Program Request form*. Your request will be e-mailed to the Outreach department, who will contact you to complete your booking.

*Off-site programs are not offered on Sundays.
Your reservation is not complete until you receive a confirmation letter.

Grant funding for our programs/tours is available for teachers/school groups in the following areas:
City of Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Greene, Orange, Louisa, Fluvanna, Buckingham, and Nelson.

If you are in one of these areas and are interested in learning more about grant availability, please indicate this on your program request form.