Eagle Patients


Bald Eagle #10-2255: On December 11, a Bald Eagle was found down in the woods near Zions Crossroads in Louisa County.   The eagle was admitted to the Wildlife Center and tested positive for exposure to lead.  

Bald Eagle #10-2230: On November 24 an adult Bald Eagle was found on the ground in Gloucester County.  The bird was rescued and transported to the Wildlife Center but died during transport.  The eagle had extensive soft-tissue damage on the right wing [two eagles had been seen fighting near the rescue spot several days before the bird was picked up].  [If the Wildlife Center will be performing diagnostics on an animal’s remains – an x-ray, or test of lead levels in the blood, or a necropsy – a patient number is assigned.  #10-2330 is the fourth Bald Eagle carcass logged in and tested thus far in 2010.]

Bald Eagle #10-2220. On November 21 a large juvenile Bald Eagle was admitted from King George County with lesions consistent with Avian Pox. 

Bald Eagle #10-2210: On November 15 a Bald Eagle was admitted to the Center from Highland County. Radiographs found that the eagle was a gunshot victim.   The eagle was banded.  A bit of investigation reveals that the eagle had been found as a nestling on Jordan Lake in Durham County, North Carolina and admitted to the Carolina Raptor Center on May 18, 2005.  No injuries were found, and the eagle's feathers were still growing.  The eagle was banded and released near Jordan Lake 21 days later.

Bald Eagle #10-2204: On November 11, an adult Bald Eagle was found in Mount Nebo, near Onancock in Accomack County.  The eagle had a broken right wing and was unable to fly.  

Bald Eagle #10-2153:  On October 28, a truck driver in Caroline County hit a juvenile Bald Eagle after the bird walked out onto the road.  That eagle was admitted to the Wildlife Center on October 29.

Bald Eagle #10-2143: On October 21 a JetBlue flight departing Dulles International Airport reported a bird strike.  An adult Bald Eagle was later rescued from Runway #30.  That eagle was admitted to the Wildlife Center on October 25.