Tracking MN72

On August 19, 2017, a hatch-year male Bald Eagle was released at Mason Neck State Park in Fairfax County, Virginia. The eagle was rescued in Alexandria in May 2017. Read more about the eagle’s history and rehabilitation here. Prior to release, the eagle was fitted with a GPS transmitter.

At the Center, the eagle was known as #17-1181 – the 1,181st patient admitted to the Center in 2017. Now, the eagle will be known as MN72. “MN” represents Mason Neck, where the eagle was released. The numbers are the last two digits on the transmitter that the eagle is wearing. Each transmitter has a five-digit number written on the side of it in permanent black marker so that the eagle could possibly be identified at a distance.

December 11: During the past week, MN72 can be seen exploring a much larger area compared to his previous update. From the Potomac Heights, MD area, he crossed the Potomac River and officially entered Virginia about two miles north from the town of Quantico. Following the contours of the Potomac River’s western shoreline, he flew approximately 10 miles northward and spent a brief amount of time circling Mason Neck State Park – the site of his original release more than a year ago! MN72 appears to be following the Occoquan River inland, and was most-recently located near the suburban area of Lake Ridge, VA.

December 4: After arriving in Maryland last week, MN72 appears to be settling in to the familiar Potomac Heights area. He flew about eight miles inland during the past week, over what seems to be a largely agricultural and rural area, before returning to the eastern shoreline of the Potomac River where he’s been most-recently located.

November 27: MN72 has continued to show impressive stamina during the past few weeks. It took just five days for MN72 to fly from central New York to Wilmington, Delaware – a distance spanning more than 150 miles. Continuing southward, he crossed the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, Maryland on November 20. Astonishingly, it seems that MN72 has been traveling with a specific destination in mind; on November 24, he arrived at Potomac Heights, Maryland! MN72 first visited this area in August 2017 -- just three weeks after being released in Virginia – and remained in the region for about ten months. MN72 has completed a momentous journey to Quebec, Canada and back, covering more than 1,300 miles in the process. Be sure to regularly check his tracking updates in the coming months to see where he ends up next!


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