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Since 2011, the Wildlife Center has been able to track the post-release movements of nearly two dozen former eagle patients. In most cases, these GPS transmitters were provided by the state eagle biologist, and the data on the birds were a part of a larger, ongoing research study that monitors eagle movements to determine the range and behavior of eagles in Virginia’s coastal plain. For the Center, this was an invaluable opportunity to track movements of some of our rehabilitated patients.

Center staff and followers tracked many of these eagles for months. In some cases, the transmitters appeared to have failed after a period of time; in three cases, the eagles died several months post-release. The eagle that was tracked for the longest period of time was NX, one of the Norfolk “Rock Star” eagles; followers were able to track her movements for five years!

Here’s a complete list of eagles who are no longer checking-in:

 WCV Patient Number 

"Call Sign" 

 Released   Release Location   Months Tracked 
Golden Eagle   February 2011 Harvey's Knob Overlook 1
Bald Eagle #11-0475 NX August 2011 Berkeley Plantation  5 years!
Bald Eagle #14-0649 C35 August 2014 Chincoteague  17
Bald Eagle #14-0650 C46 August 2014 Chincoteague 5 1/2 years!
Bald Eagle #14-1955 NC99 December 2014 Natural Chimneys 8
Bald Eagle #15-0642 W20 August 2015 Widewater State Park 5 1/2 years! Confirmed death from lead poisoning. 
Bald Eagle #15-1667 YR73 September 2015 York River State Park 1; suspected death
Bald Eagle #15-1348 GW91 September 2015 George Washington Birthplace 2; confirmed death
Bald Eagle #15-1261 SML52 October 2015 Smith Mountain Lake  7
Bald Eagle #15-1312 BI78 October 2015 Belle Isle State Park 13
Bald Eagle #15-1922 KG09 November 2015 King George County  5 years; suspected death
Bald Eagle #15-2090 BP39 December 2015 Berkeley Plantation


Bald Eagle #15-2015 BP91 December 2015 Berkeley Plantation 10; confirmed death (likely electrocuted)
Bald Eagle #16-1474 BI20 August 2016 Belle Isle State Park 2
Golden Eagle #16-1934 Saltville GOEA November 2016 Big Walker Lookout 4
Bald Eagle #16-1012 BP28 September 2016 Berkeley Plantation 5
Bald Eagle #16-2217 CP93 November 2016 Chippokes Plantation State Park 12; confirmed death (hit by vehicle)
 Bald Eagle #17-0836 MN18 August 2017 Mason Neck State Park 29; died, body unrecovered

Bald Eagle #18-0752

RR53 July 2018 Rappahannock River Valley National Wildlife Refuge Nearly 3 years; transmitter stopped working


For a summary of all eagle releases since 2011, please visit this page. 


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