Peregrine Falcon #22-1633 update

During the week of August 8, Center staff determined that Peregrine Falcon #22-1633 was ready to begin an exercise and flight conditioning routine. Initially, Center staff planned to exercise the bird and continue providing supportive care until its potential release. After conferring with staff at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, the decision was made to transfer this falcon and Peregrine Falcon #22-1909 into the care of their permitted veterinary and rehabilitation staff. 

On August 10, both falcons were transported to the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center. Transferring patients between permitted wildlife rehabilitation facilities is not an uncommon practice; in these falcons' case, it was determined that continued flight conditioning could be best achieved through the use of BWC's outdoor specialized, circular enclosure. On August 13, Blue Ridge Wildlife Center staff shared a short video of one of these falcons entering the specialized enclosure on social media: 



Both falcons will remain at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center and receive supportive care and flight conditioning exercises until they are ready for their return to the wild.