Ospreys #13-1784 & #13-1785 re-nesting

Success! On the morning of July 9, Dr. Kristin and certified wildlife rehabilitator Kelli drove Ospreys #13-1784 and 1785 back to Smith Mountain Lake for a re-nesting attempt. Both staff members climbed into a cherry picker — each with an osprey — and were lifted up to the nest. After placing several fish into the nest, Dr. Kristin and Kelli each carefully lifted a fledgling over their heads and into the nest – and then quickly squatted down as to not threaten the young osprey. Both fledges stayed put – and the two staff members returned to the ground. As Kelli said, “Immediately they started preening and vocalizing. It couldn't have gone better!”

Within the hour, an Osprey parent returned to the nest and began caring for the two young birds. The birds can be seen on cam at Smith Mountain Lake.

Both osprey chicks were banded at the Wildlife Center prior to re-nesting. Based on measurements taken during the banding, Dr. Dave said that both fledglings are male.

Ospreys #13-1784 and 1785

One Osprey Cam viewer recorded this re-nesting as it happened! Special thanks to Eaglelover1923 for catching the big event.