Mississippi Kite #22-2251 update

During the past two weeks, the rehabilitation team has been exercising Mississippi Kite #22-2251 in Flight Pen 2, but have had a difficult time getting the bird to fly; during exercises, the kite would not fly far and would usually go to the ground. With fall migration quickly approaching, the rehab team decided to try exercising the kite in a larger flight pen to see if that would help. On August 31, rehab staff brought the kite to A3, one of the Center's largest flight pens. The kite showed marked improvement in its flight! It quickly flew three flight passes around the enclosure and was able to fly from the ground to higher perches. 

The rehab team will continue to bring the kite to A3 for flight conditioning, and plan to feed the bird extra-large meals in preparation for its release and long migration south.