Great Horned Owlets update

Great Horned Owlets #19-0223 and #19-0341, along with surrogate owl Papa G’Ho, were returned to their A2 flight enclosure on the morning of July 8. Last week, the staff were able to determine exactly where a raccoon was entering and exiting the flight enclosure, and several repairs and reinforcements were made. After the repairs were finished, the rehab staff set live traps in the A1 and A2 flight enclosure again to ensure that the raccoon was no longer able to get in. After multiple nights of not trapping anything, they determined it was safe to use the flight enclosures again. The staff will continue to carefully observe the area for any raccoon activity.

The rehabilitation staff has started intermittently offering live prey once a week to allow the owlets to observe Papa hunting and to allow them to have their own chance at practicing hunting for the first time.