The Great Horned Owlets of 2021 update

On October 10, the three Great Horned Owlets that have been housed with non-releasable surrogate owl Papa G'Ho during the past five months reached an important developmental milestone -- the veterinary and rehabilitation staff had determined that these young birds were ready to begin live-prey testing.

In order to more accurately observe and analyze the owls' ability to successfully capture prey, each individual was transitioned to a different outdoor enclosure on October 11. To minimize their levels of stress and contact with humans, the birds were moved during a routine physical check-up. Owlet #21-0308 was transitioned to Flight Pen 6, and owlet #21-0245 was placed in the adjacent Flight Pen 5. Owlet #21-0292 remained in the A2 enclosure, and can still be seen by Critter Cam watchers here


If these owlets are successful in capturing live-prey during the coming weeks, their release may be quickly approaching, and it's likely that Papa G'Ho's parenting duties will be completed for the 2021 season. For now, Center staff will continue monitoring these owlets closely.