Great Horned Owlets of 2019 update

Great Horned Owlets #19-0341 and #19-0223 have both been flying well during their daily exercise sessions during the past few weeks. The young owls are flying silently, with good stamina, and are nearing the final stage of their rehabilitation process – live prey testing. The birds have been intermittently receiving live mice during the past couple of months, so they are used to the idea and phenomenon of having to hunt for themselves; they just need to spend several days in a row only receiving live prey, so that the rehabilitation staff ensure that the owls can care for themselves in the wild.

On September 24, the owlets will be split up into their own flight pens; Papa G’Ho will be moved back to a C-pen since his official fatherly duties are done for the year. Live prey testing – “mouse school” – will start later this week.

If the owlets can each hunt for themselves for multiple days in a row, they will be able to be released in October.