Final Double Black Bear Release!

On Friday afternoon, the veterinary team was able to successfully capture and move the two Black Bear yearlings remaining in transition area #3 of the Black Bear Complex. Both bears had evaded their scheduled morning release after they managed to climb over the black protective plastic around one of the trees in the transition area and refused to come down.

The rehabilitation team set a live trap; by late afternoon, Double Orange took the bait and was able to be trapped, while Double Pink remained on the ground to keep Double Orange company. Dr. Peach was able to dart and sedate both bears, and performed the pre-release physical exam and ear tagging; both bears were then moved to the Large Mammal Isolation enclosure to await release this week.

On Monday morning, a DGIF biologist came to pick up the two bears for release; they were successfully loaded in the DGIF transport trap. Bear #18-1089 [Double Pink] had a final weight of 31.7 kg; Bear #18-1315 [Double Orange] weighed in at 42.4 kg.

Here's a video from last Thursday's seven-bear release: