Eastern Screech-Owl #21-0509 update

Eastern Screech-Owl #21-0509 has been doing well in one of the Center's B-pens, along with three other owlets. The owlet's severe head tilt has improved in the past two weeks, though a slight head tilt remains. The owlet has not yet started a daily exercise program since its flight feathers are still growing, but the rehabilitation staff have observed the young bird making short flights around the small flight enclosure. The bird is able to navigate to and from different perches.  Maneuvering around obstacles and other owlets is sometimes challenging for the young bird, and the staff note that the bird's movements are not as seamless and fluid as they should be. Compared to the other owlets the bird is housed with, #21-0509 appears a little "off", though the staff have been pleased with the overall progress of the bird since its admission.