Eastern Screech-Owl #21-0509 update

During the past two weeks, the veterinary team has carefully monitored Eastern Screech-Owl #21-0509 for signs of improvement. The young bird still has a significant head tilt, though the team feels that there was a slight improvement after multiple weeks of wearing a small neck brace. Another lead text on May 26 revealed a "low" level, indicating that perhaps the lead has finally been removed from the young bird's system. 

The owlet continues to eat well, and has been living with several other young screech-owls in the Center's care, including owlet #21-1102. The cohort will likely be moved to an outdoor enclosure in the next few days, where they will all continue to be carefully monitored. The team hopes that owlet #21-0509 will continue to improve, though its condition is still guarded due to the severity of the head tilt.