Canada Goose #22-3163 update

During the past month, Canada Goose  #22-3163 has continued to do well in Aviary 1. While the goose's bumblefoot and carpal wounds have been challenging to manage, the vet team's treatment plan, including a combination of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and bandages, has helped the wounds heal well. Staff have closely monitored the goose on cam and note that the bird has been able to walk and swim in its enclosure without difficulty. 

On November 19, staff determined that the goose was ready to return to the wild and brought the bird into the hospital to run pre-release bloodwork. If the bloodwork is within normal limits, then the vet team will clear the goose for release and front-desk staff will start coordinating release plans with the rescuer and volunteer transporters. 

Until its release, the Goose will continue to stay in Aviary 1 and will be featured on Critter Cam #3. Tune in here!