Brown Pelican #19-3008 update

On Friday afternoon, the rehabilitation team moved Brown Pelican #19-3008 outside to the A3 flight enclosure, where they set up a large saltwater pool for her. Rehabilitation intern Kylee reports that the Pelican was swimming and appeared to enjoy her new space and pool.

On Saturday morning, the pelican appeared bright and alert, and was seen on camera continuing to swim. By Saturday evening, the pelican’s health and attitude had declined; the staff brought her back into the Center’s holding room for closer observation. On Sunday morning, the pelican’s condition had deteriorated more; the veterinary team placed an IV catheter to deliver continuous fluids to the bird.

Unfortunately, prognosis is grave for this bird; the veterinary staff are unsure what caused the sharp decline; worsening head trauma from an initial injury could still be possible, as well as a viral infection like West Nile Virus.